Things do to in Zierikzee

Historical tour
Embark on a fascinating historical walking tour through the medieval streets of Zierikzee. Admire the well-preserved architecture, including the majestic Sint-Lievens Monstertoren. Immerse yourself in rich history as you explore the old town hall, ancient gates and scenic canals. Don't miss the opportunity to climb the tower and enjoy a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.


Maritime Museum
Immerse yourself in Zierikzee's maritime heritage at the Maritime Museum. Discover the city's close connection to the sea, learn about its commercial past and admire a collection of historic ships. Interactive exhibits provide a hands-on experience and help visitors understand the maritime traditions that have shaped Zierikzee's history.


Water sports and beach
The location on the coast of Zierikzee offers countless opportunities for water lovers. Embark on a sailing adventure, try your hand at windsurfing or just relax on one of the nearby pristine beaches. With its clean water and scenic coastal landscapes, Zierikzee is an ideal destination for those looking for outdoor activities and tranquility by the sea.


Culinary indulgence
Treat your taste buds to Zierikzee's culinary offerings. Discover charming restaurants and cafes serving traditional Dutch delicacies and fresh seafood. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Zeeland mussels, a regional speciality. From a cozy bistro to dining by the water, Zierikzee has something for everyone.


Shop local
Stroll the cobbled streets of Zierikzee and explore the boutiques. Discover unique handicrafts, stylish fashion and locally produced delicacies. From antique shops to contemporary art galleries, Zierikzee offers a varied shopping experience where you can find unique treasures to take home as souvenirs.