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Zierikzee is best known for its historical significance and charming atmosphere, but the picturesque town also offers a variety of shops. The most famous shopping area of ​​Zierikzee is located in the city center, where you will find a mix of local shops, boutiques and specialty shops. The streets are surrounded by historic buildings, creating a picturesque setting for your shopping experience. The city's compact size makes it easy to explore on foot, and most shops are within walking distance of the city center.


Food lovers will certainly find their way in Zierikzee. There are several specialty shops where you can find local delicacies, including cheeses, chocolates, pastries and typical Dutch delicacies. Zierikzee also has several local markets, where you can buy fresh produce and regional products from local vendors.


While Zierikzee may not be as well known for its shopping scene as larger cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam, it offers a more relaxed and intimate shopping experience with a focus on local and unique products. The historic charm and friendly atmosphere of the city make shopping in Zierikzee a pleasant activity.

Meneer Nilsson Zierikzee

Dit Dus By Co
Verrenieuwstraat 1
4301 HX Zierikzee
Tel. +31(0)6-23848605

De Proeverij Zierikzee

Zee & Meer
Mol 15
4301 JC Zierikzee
Tel. +31(0)111-695105




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